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Upgrading the Norwegian railway

The Norwegian rail infrastructure needs to be upgraded in order to capitlise on growing demand. Operators need the ability to run more passengers and trains on existing networks. Signaling that delivers increased capacity, efficiency and safety is essential.

Thales in Germany and Norway will work together to supply high quality solutions for upgrading the Norwegian railway infrastructure. High quality technology solutions from Thales in Germany make Thales a significant supplier of critical technology for upgrading the Norwegian railway.

Planned development is underway to have three stations in operation by the end of 2015:

  • Høvik (May)
  • Stavanger (July)
  • Eidsvoll-Espa (October)


It is a challenging task, but the combination of a highly competent and dedicated team at Thales enables us to reach this target. With a commitment to our customer, we will deliver a secure and efficient solution that meets both Jernbaneverket and travelers expectations.