Arduino Competition in Portugal

The fifth edition of Project Arduino is well underway now with workshops, currently being prepared in over then 70 universities around the world. 
In Portugal, the first step of the competition started this Wednesday, with a Thales engineering team moving to Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon, to give the Arduino workshop.

Was a full house session! 24 students from all school years, coming from different courses (Electronic, Aerospace, Physics, Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering), were present.

The Challenge is launched!

The students will have three weeks to create an innovative project that is aligned to Thales’s markets using the Arduino platform.
Project Arduino offers the chance to learn more about Thales and our markets, develop new skills, meet new people and work in diverse teams, as well as win some exciting prizes! 

This year Arduino Project has more than 1600 students from different countries, such as China (Mainland & Hong Kong), France, UK, USA, the Netherlands and Singapore, to which they join for the first time, Portugal, Canada, the Middle East and Australia

For the first time this year, Project Arduino is also
sponsored by Girls on the Move,

he international network of “Elles Bougent”, the French association empowering women in engineering and sciences since 2006. As Project Arduino sponsors, and to promote diversity in technology, Girls on the Move will award a special prize to one of the Country finalist teams that are at least 50% female entrants (or for teams of 3, at least 1 female).


For the Lucky Global Winners, the prize is...

A trip to a Thales Research Centre or Innovation hub!   A winning team will be selected from each country to go to the final round in May 2018– the public vote to nominate the top 3 finalists, followed by the jury adjudication to announce the Global winner.  The prize for the Global Winners is a trip to a Thales Research Centre or Innovation Hub of their choice in any of the countries participating in Project Arduino.