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First Demo of the Cohesive Project

Thales Portugal has been coordinating the COHESIVE project in recent years (, under the European Innovation Program Shift2Rail IP4 (
This program aims to improve the attractiveness of transport through a technology and information system.


The COHESIVE project has the role of monitoring and encouraging the activities of the Shift2Rail IP4 program as well as integrating the results of these projects in order to conduct public demonstrations of a multimodal transport ecosystem that meets the needs of any traveller wishing to move from point A to point B within Europe.


This program focuses on technology development for the traveler, offering travel planning, booking and purchase services as well as up-to-date information services or localized entertainment services, all with a degree of customization to the travellers preferences. However, technologies for transport service providors are also developed in this program to facilitate their integration into the ecosystem, enabling them to obtain processed data for a better understanding of the dynamics of transportation networks.

This project is being developed in three phases (Alpha, Beta and Final), whose first phase ends next October, with a public demonstration on November 5, 2019 in Brussels.
The Beta and Final releases will be presented at Innotrans (biggest international transport fair) respectively in September 2020 and 2022.