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Thales and Instituto Superior Técnico renewing the cooperation agreement

  • Five years after the integration of Thales in the IST Partners Network, which resulted in several successful joint projects and the creation of significant amount of knowledge, the two entities decided to extend and strengthen the cooperation agreement reinforcing the link that has united the two entities since 2015. 
  • Therefore, Thales and Instituto Superior Técnico officialized, this Monday, July 19, the renewal of the Global Agreement with Thales and a Local Partnership Agreement with Thales Portugal in a mixed presential-remote ceremony that took place at the IST premises.
  • Professor Rogério Colaço, IST President, stated the enthusiasm for pursuing this alliance, by saying “…thank you for being with us, for being our partners, for supporting our students, our career weeks, for helping our students to enter the labor market environment, for supporting them with scholarships, and for sharing knowledge”.  
  • Philippe Valéry, Thales' Vice President Technical Operations, remotely from Paris via Teams, highlighted the benefits benefits of the collaboration between academic ecosystem and industry, namely in “looking at new technologies and innovation”, but also in the competition for young talents. “The good relationships with Universities in Europe and around the world is very important, to attract new talent to our teams”.
  • João Araújo, Portugal’s Country Director and also a former student of Técnico, referred that "Academy and industry are fundamental for all of us", noting that the link between these two poles of innovation is crucial "to be closer to reality on both sides, to be increasingly efficient in what we promote and in what we give to those who need us”.

Thales and Instituto Superior Técnico

The first cooperation agreement between Thales and Instituto Superior Técnico dates back to December 2015 and aimed to develop research projects in common areas of interest, including transport, mobility and security sectors, leading to opportunities for mutual benefit and knowledge transfer.

The tight collaboration between the Academia (IST) and the Industry (Thales) has enabled the development of new technologies, solutions and services. Students had the opportunity to work with real-case scenarios and Thales profited from their vision and skills to solve major technical challenges, follow trends, anticipating market demand.

With this partnership, and with the experience acquired, the commitment remains to boost academia and the industry synergies. promising another 3 years of fruitful cooperation and delivery.