Our trusted, proven urban signalling solutions will boost the performance of your existing network without disrupting operations or help you start your new network right.

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC)
Thales literally invented CBTC in the 1980s and today our fully automated, integrated and upgradeable SeltracTM CBTC continues to lead the industry. Freed from the limitations of conventional fixed-block designs, you can move more people, more quickly, without compromising safety. SelTracTM also has a green configuration that consumes 15% less energy. Built to be flexible, SelTracTM addresses all of your requirements and with optimised maintenance and life cycle costs.

Street-level signalling
We can also provide tailored solutions for your tram and light rail networks, including signalling for lines and depots, priority management at road crossings, automatic vehicle localisation and tram regulation.

Route control systems
Thales LockTrac electronic interlocking systems ensure smooth and safe movements by managing point machines, signals, crossings and other network elements.

Traffic management systems
Put more trains on existing tracks with the help of our NetTrac ARAMIS (Advanced Railway Automation Management & Information System), which automatically detects conflicts and proposes operational solutions so that any incidents can be quickly managed.

Rail field equipment
Our FieldTrac family of trackside equipment includes axle counters, point machines, LED signals, automatic warning devices and more.