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Thales is committed to the automation of intermodal nodes for ports in its search for innovation in rail freight transport

The digitization of the transport sector is establishing itself as the best system for its modernization, assuming greater competitiveness and effectiveness; a considerable increase in the sustainability, safety and comfort for workers and travelers. All this also applied to the transport of goods, where the railroad plays an essential role.

This is one of the reasons why Thales is constantly searching for new systems that have a disruptive impact on efficient and sustainable mobility at the national level. In other words, they save time and favor the commitment to reach net zero emissions as soon as possible.

One of the systems aims to improve the efficiency of freight transport thanks to an automated interconnection between the railway network and ports. It is the automation of intermodal nodes that will mean greater logistics competitiveness and a significant reduction in the carbon footprint in all supply chains.

This idea stems from the fact that currently most Spanish ports lack this type of system in their rail network. Even in some of them the operations are still carried out manually, so the efficiency is clearly lower.

"Thales, as one of the most important players in the Spanish railway network, is committed to the digital transformation of the transport infrastructure through an important public-private investment that contributes to an economic recovery from sustainability and efficiency, both for the operator of the network as well as for its users ”, declared Fernando Ortega, Director of the Transport business in Spain.

As an example we have the operation of the Port of Seville, where Thales has launched this system for managing the circulation of rail traffic based on radio communication and GPS positioning. This innovative tool has managed to transform modal transport corridors into logistics corridors integrated in the productive sector of the European Union. Given the success achieved, as an expert in digital solutions for sustainable mobility, Thales has presented to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda a project to implement this system in 24 ports throughout Spain and two in European.