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Thales ERTMS technology will reduce the duration of train journeys between Madrid and the Northwest of Spain (Castilla y León and Galicia)

•   The Zamora-Pedralba section that begins to circulate today uses Thales technology in its 110 kilometers.
•    This section enters commercial service with Thales' ERTMS Level 2 system from Madrid Chamartín.
•    Travel time with all Galician capitals is reduced, by approximately 30 to 90 minutes.

From today on, travelers using the Madrid-Galicia line will experience a reduction in travel times, when the Zamora-Pedralba high-speed section opens, corresponding to the Madrid-Galicia High Speed Corridor. In addition, with the completion of this section it is possible to use the Pedralba de la Pradería interchange to get to Orense.

With this commissioning, the travel time to all the Galician capitals is reduced to 1h 26 minutes between Madrid and Pontevedra, 1h 2 minutes to Lugo, 41 minutes to Santiago de Compostela, 39 minutes to Ourense, 31 minutes to Vigo and 24 minutes to A Coruña (1).

The travelers, more than five million, who travel between Madrid and Galicia each year and the half million travelers who do so between the Castilian-Leon capitals and Madrid, will enjoy a better travel experience with this reduction in time, thanks to the technology of Thales.

The Madrid-Orense line becomes one of the most ERTMS level 2 kilometers in commercial service in Spain, as the operation of this technology begins on the Madrid Chamartín - Zamora - Pedralba. With the launch of these new 110 kilometers, 340 kilometers are exceeded with this technology on the line, which contributes to greater safety for the traveler and makes it possible to circulate at a maximum speed of 300 km / hour.

In addition to ERTMS N2 technology, the company contributes to this new section with technology for traffic control, fixed communications and other systems affecting the conventional line, among them the supply of the new electronic interlocks of La Hiniesta, Puebla de Sanabria and Pedralba, axle counters for safe train detection and LED technology side signals.

Thales also provides the actuation of all the line deviations and the quality detectors of objects to the track in the bridges and tunnel entrances.

For the completion of the Madrid-Galicia line, it remains to complete the section between Pedralba- Taboadela- Orense, so that it will be a fully high-speed line.


(1) Source: Renfe