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Thales will install an ADS-B station that provides coverage in the Atlantic Oceanic area bordering Spain and Portugal

Thales has signed a contract with ENAIRE to supply two ADS-B aerial surveillance stations, a portable one for outdoor use and another indoor one to be installed in the radar tower of Espiñeiras (A Coruña) in Spain, to provide ADS-B surveillance coverage for the bordering Atlantic Ocean zone of the Santa María, Lisbon and Madrid FIR (Flight Information Region).

The Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast system is a cooperative surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position through its on-board navigation systems (GNSS, Inertial, etc.) and regularly emits an ADS-B signal without being interrogated. The information is received by the ADS-B terrestrial air traffic control stations.
ADS-B technology permits aerial surveillance with lower environmental impact in areas where there is no radar coverage, or its use as a complement to the radar for optimizing the surveillance network and for accessing ADS-B technology as identification and better positioning.

This project, which will have an execution time of 9 months, provides for the supply and installation of two ADS-B stations with Extended Squitter technology (expanded spontaneous signals).

The agreement also provides for Thales to supply the necessary elements for the correct supervision and configuration of the stations and their communication with Air Navigation services.

Thales currently leads the world in air navigation aids, with more than 7,000 systems in 170 countries thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance, reliable navigation products that adapt to all mandatory regulations and meet all of our clients’ requirements