Our commitment to the environment

Thales group is continuously working on environmental awareness in the workplace, encouraging our employees and demanding from our suppliers their faithful commitment to work on the conservation of our planet. We are fully responsible for our natural environment, preserving the conservation of flora and fauna and minimizing the production of waste in our activities.

Security and health promotion in our work environment

To prevent is better than cure. In other words, guaranteeing our employees health and security is one of our main responsibilities. In Thales we have several procedures that help us to manage the potential health risks, including permanent health surveillance, the existence of a special unit created to handle the main international health problems as well as the development of previous studies to carry out a correct assignment of work in the countries with greater risks to health.
We firmly believe in the importance of sensitization and formation, this is why we have an annual training program that provides continuous courses of specific programs and recycling for our employees. In compliance with the required legislative requirements, the prevention activity is managed through the Joint Prevention Service of THALES ESPAÑA, which guarantees the safeguarding of safety disciplines at work, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and applied psychosociology as well as the health monitoring.

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