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Countries, cities and transport operators rely on Thales’ ground transportation solutions to adapt to rapid urbanisation and meet new mobility demands – locally, between cities and across national frontiers.


Local presence

Our expertise in signalling, communications, fare collection and cybersecurity give people and goods the connected journey they need to move safely and efficiently. And no matter how challenging the project, we stay by your side, committed to help creating the digital railways of the future.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Romanian market, Thales rail signalling solutions revitalise existing rail networks and ensure greenfield installations start off right. Thales has played a major role in modernising the Romanian National Railway network and has been a pioneer in many signalling innovations and developments with the national railway through time. Thales won multiple signalling projects to refurbish legacy systems, which has increased the capacity of passenger and freight networks, and accompany the railway in building future networks.

The first major project completed is the Bucharest North complex, which includes the Timisoara, Arad and Brasov stations, all equipped with Thales electronic interlocking and in commercial operation since 2004. Thales is the first company in Romania to successfully implement the European Train Control System (ETCS) level 1 system on the Pan-European Corridor section, Fetesti Constanta, thus improving safety whilst increasing the maximum speed of up to 150 km/h for passenger trains.

Another important milestone was the successful delivery of the first ETCS Level 2 system in Romania, the world’s first of its kind to be used on conventional lines, with mixed traffic.

On the secondary lines, Thales introduced electronic interlocking on the Ilia-Lugoj line, the first to be equipped with a modern electronic interlocking control, today covering 7 stations and 75km of conventional line. In addition, Thales is currently implementing modern rail signalling systems, including ETCS Level 2, in the Rhine Daube Corridor, located in the Western Romania. Almost 100 km of the track is now equipped. Two new Radio Block Centres and 7 new electronic interlockings will enter commercial operation by 2023.

The Romanian National Railway can rely on Thales for all safety critical systems and innovative digital mobility services, which finally will improve end user experience.