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Partnering to Deliver Success

Success in training is all about putting together the right team to deliver it. That is why Thales Training and Simulation and Cervus Defence and Security are teaming up to bid for the British Army’s upcoming deployable Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation capability, ICAVS(D). 

This partnership of a Large UK Prime and UK Small-Medium Enterprise will bring together scalable delivery capability and established experience with innovative technology and novel applications to offer the Army a proven and measurable training service delivered effectively at the point of need. 

Entering service in March 2022, ICAVS(D) will provide end-user virtual training both in barracks and at facilities overseas and is a ‘pathfinder project’ for the Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP), which will ensure that the British Army’s collective training delivers operational superiority against complex threats. 

The Thales and Cervus team not only bring together the strengths of each company but also the experiences of the individuals involved. Employing technologists as well as experienced armed forces veterans the team is sure that this combination of technical and user knowledge will make a significant difference in the delivery of effective training – and this veteran earned experience starts from the top down.

Leading the Teams

Daz Rawlins OBE is the Managing Director of Thales Training and Simulation in the UK. He moved straight into industry having served 29 years in the Royal Air Force. As a Staff Officer he specialised in training, capability development and requirements management. With operational tours under his belt in the Falklands Islands, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan he readily admits that the military training he received saved his life on many occasions! He is now passionate about delivering next generation training solutions to support the complex requirements of our current and future warfighters.

"The relationship between Thales and Cervus enables our joint ICAVS(D) approach to fully support the Field Army in extracting the greatest value and insight from flexible battle craft syllabus training"

Daz Rawlins OBE, Managing Director of Thales Training and Simulation 

Alan Roan is the Managing Director of Cervus Defence and Security, a defence focused experimentation and analytics company. Before he co-founded Cervus, Alan worked for a number of defence simulation companies and for the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). Alan’s military experience comes from 10 years spent as an Infantry Officer serving in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result of these experiences, an interest in defence innovation and the challenges of defence procurement was ignited. Today he’s passionate about helping others create and deliver practical solutions for the front-line.

“By creating efficiency improvements and new feature options in this service, this team will provide a solution that meet the users’ needs and overcome the current limitations of the existing training capability. This will ensure readiness for experimentation events and also unlock greater scale and delivery tempo.” 

Alan Roan, Managing Director of Cervus Defence and Security 

The Thales and Cervus team are developing a flexible, scalable solution that draws upon the secure digital technology, unique data extraction and training analysis expertise across both companies. In teaming up to address the requirements of ICAVS(D) Thales and Cervus hope to lay the groundwork for a winning partnership that delivers outstanding training and provides decisive advantage on the battlefield for this and the next generation of soldiers.