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Thales shows the performance of its SYNAPS radio family to the Spanish Armed Forces


Madrid, 17 July 2020 - Thales has presented to the Armed Forces of Spain, the DGAM (Procurement Agency) and the Ministry of Defense, the performance of their sofware-defined radios SYNAPS, to provide state-of-the-art radio communications to the new 8x8 “Dragón” vehicle for the Spanish Armed Forces, as well as for the Joint Tactical Radio System (SCRT) program.

The new SYNAPS family of Software-Defined Radio systems (SDR) offers a set of remarkable and unique features that allow meeting the current and future needs of the Armed Forces, providing superiority of information through communities of interest. This is a leap forward in digital transformation and an opportunity for technological development for the industry. All of this will provide the Armed Forces with operational superiority and will guarantee international interoperability as well as the continuity and evolution of the radio family throughout its life cycle. It will also guarantee the maximum use of the radio spectrum and the exchange of secure critical data among all the actors.

In addition, this family of radios will provide logistical superiority to the Armed Forces, since a smaller number of radios are needed to cover the needs of both programs, resulting in a reduction in consumption, weight, and the number of antennas per vehicle, while improving the logistics configurations footprint. All of this translates into a clear decrease in maintenance costs. As they are fully compatible with the PR4G radios currently in use by the Spanish Armed Forces, SYNAPS radios are immediately ready to be deployed within Armed Forces without any technical or calendar risk, in a smooth transition. SYNAPS can be gradually phased in, without jeopardizing Forces’ operational readiness, allowing an optimized and mastered step-by-step modernization of the entire radio fleet.

Within the framework of the 8x8 “Dragón” Vehicle Program, Thales has also shown the improvements to the command and control system of the vehicles, which is currently being carried out in collaboration with the company Indra, as a very satisfactory experience of cooperation between both companies to provide the Army with the best means of command and control.

Thales' offer also includes a detailed Industrial Cooperation Plan for Spain designed for export, which will develop its own technology with high added value and maintain national sovereignty in tactical communications. Thales employs more than 1,400 employees in Spain. At its Leganés site (in Madrid region), it has based its defense, aeronautics and security activities, with a specific radio production and maintenance centre. Thales has also entrusted the production of various elements of its new SYNAPS software-defined radio family to the Basque company Manufacturas Zeta which will produce components for the SYNAPS-H handheld version for the soldier, as well as for the SYNAPS-T and SYNAPS-V for ground vehicles. This collaboration is a sign of Thales’ long-lasting confidence in Spanish SMEs, facilitating the technological development of the national industry and international cooperation.