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Thales awarded military IFF systems contract in Japan

In 2016, Thales has been awarded a contract by Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF) to deliver IFF interrogators equipment (Identification Friend or Foe) with Mode 5, the latest US/NATO standard. IFF equipment provides the ability to distinguish between allied forces and potential threats, helping avoid ‘friendly fire’ and enabling quicker decision making.

Thales will deliver its miniature and lightweight IFF interrogator, TSA1412 – currently under US DoD-AIMS[1] certification process – and its accessories to all man-portable air-defense systems platforms (MANPADS). Thales successfully demonstrated Mode 5 interoperability of the TSA1412 when integrated on Japanese MANPADS.

Thales will work with a local partner to establish in-country I-Level maintenance capability.

Jean Louis Moraud, CEO of Thales in Japan said:

Thales is very proud and honored of the trust demonstrated by his Japanese customer through the notification of this first mode 5 IFF contract. Thales, together with his local partner, looks forward to further extend such a valuable cooperation with the Japanese armed forces.

Thales, as the world leader for Mode 5 IFF, has already supplied 19 000 IFF systems to more than 70 platforms types worldwide. Thales has been a trusted partner of Japan Ministry of Defense for about 40 years and is also involved in civil markets in Japan such as aerospace, security and transportation.

[1] AIMS : Air Traffic Radar Control Beacon System Identification Friend or Foe MKXIIA System.