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Take a trip into space with the "Traveling Waves Tubes Space Adventures"

Did you know that our wave amplifiers are onboard missions across our galaxy and beyond, and that our travelling wave tubes can transmit information from Mars to Earth in just 20 minutes?
To find out more, launch the space adventure!

To better promote an often little-known but vital aspect of space missions, Thales has launched an website for the solutions provided by its Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems activities, notably its Travelling Wave Tubes (TWT).

"Thales TWTs Space Adventures" traces the space missions of yesterday, today and tomorrow where our wave amplifiers have played, are playing or will play a key role.

Find out more by visiting the site, which is available in three languages (English, French and German) and make sure you share it with your contacts on your social media channels! 


What you'll find on the website:

The website enables you to visualize the solar system, the different planets and the missions carried out on each of them.

You will also find the details of these missions such as dates, objectives and tubes used.

For more information: visit the Thales TWTs Space Adventure website!