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Attend the guided tour of our radiology solutions at the RSNA 2020 virtual exhibition!

RSNA 2020 recently concluded with several announcements and product launches for the entire market. but don't panic, Thales makes you relive it! With the COVID-19 pandemic, Thales has been able to adapt by digitizing its communication. Several activities have been set up to highlight our latest innovations.


So ready to relive this edition?

Let's start the tour,
First stop, direction Youtube, where you can find a video illustrating the 2 new ranges of X-ray detectors (Pixium EZ 2 HD) for radiography and fluoroscopy (Pixium RF 4343 F5).


Interesting isn't it?

Second stop, the Webinars, this year two meetings have been organized to present the latest technological developments to best meet the needs of healthcare professionals.

You are invited to view them:

  • Pixium Portable EZ2 HD: a new family of portable X-ray detectors presented by Terence Schuermans, Product Line Manager Radiography. The Pixium Portable EZ2 HD will be available in 3 sizes and will offer high performances and added value features such as a small pixel pitch, IPX6 and NFC.
  • Pixium RF 4343 F5: the most performing detector dedicated to fluoroscopy on the market presented by Camille Vigier, Product Line Manager Fluoroscopy, Imaging & Digital Solutions. The new Pixium RF 4343 F5 for fluoroscopy is offering added value innovations with increased speed up to 150 frames per second, 10 Gbit Ethernet and cold start. This product will allow all decisive applications from radiography to fluoroscopy and angiography.

The guided tour is coming to an end, but before you leave, Thales would like to give you the best possible digital experience by inviting you to discover its virtual booth, presenting its latest radiology solutions and all its ranges.

It was launched for the start of the RSNA, and will be available and updated throughout 2021 to compensate for the potential cancellation of physical shows.


Thales wishes you a good visit, full of discoveries!