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Breaking news: FDA has just given its approval for ArtPIX™ DRF radiology software to access US market!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has recently given Thales its approval to market the ArtPIX™ DRF in the USA. This is a huge opportunity and success for Thales as it means we can now offer our new imaging solution to a wider market and improve the overall quality of patient care in this area. It thus confirms the quality and added value of this solution for radiological imaging compared to existing ones!

ArtPIX™ DRF is a unique imaging system for dynamic X-Ray applications that delivers outstanding performance in fluoroscopy, radiography and Angiography. Our newly modified ArtPIX™ DRF functions in tandem with the dynamic Pixium© 2121 & 3030, Pixium© 4343 RF flat panel detectors and Pixium© 2430 & 3543 EZ and 3543 DR portable flat panel detectors to cover all needs and applications.

This cutting-edge yet easy-to-use platform comes in a package that is fully customizable on several levels: image preferences, user interface and application, installation and setup of the system. This revolutionary solution enhances radiology department workflow and productivity, thus allowing a higher number of patients to be seen. Moreover, the unparalleled image quality that comes with ArtPIX™ DRF also improves the accuracy of diagnosis and reduces the dose to the patients and performing technologists in comparison to competitor’s equivalent systems. This unique solution will therefore lower costs by simplifying integration into equipment whilst increasing the quality of radiological images, thus improving overall patient care.  

Following the approval by the European Commission, this solution is now approved by the United States, making it accessible to a greater quantity. After the great success from the first instalment of our products in Europe 6 months ago, we are now expecting to penetrate the US market too!