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The ECR Virtual Exhibition 2021 recently came to an end, with several key announcements and product launches. We’re bringing you the replay.

Do you want to find out more about the exhibition?

First, let’s visit our virtual booth which shows all of our products, innovations and applications.

Next, you’ll discover our webinars. This year two meetings were organised to present our three latest detectors.

Check out our webinars below:

  • The Pixium® 3040 F benefits from the best of all technologies in one detector. 15 years of Trixell technological experience in dynamic flat panel detectors, are brought together into the Pixium 3040 F. This high-end flat panel detector is specifically designed for 2D and 3D imaging in interventional radiology and cardiology, and neuroradiology. The Pixium® 3040 F brings unmatched image quality with optimised spatial resolution, higher contrast and superior sensitivity at low dose. It integrates unique features such as an optical reset function to ensure high consistency during critical procedures or CBCT imaging.

Watch the replay here

  • The Pixium® Portable EZ2 HD, comes in at three sizes, offers high performance, a cost-effective design with features such as a small pixel pitch, IPX6 and NFC.
  • The Pixium® Portable EZ3 X in all three sizes offers flexible & durable technology in a light weight and robust design. 

Watch the relay here

Enjoy the virtual recap!

For any further information, please get in touch with our sales team.