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Congratulations to the winners of #AIChallenge4Health!

Our “AI Challenge 4 Health” has recently come to an end, after being launched in March in partnership with Kaizen Solutions and the Grenoble Alps Data Institute, with the three winners announced today via a video published on our social media channels and on this page.
We would like to thank all of you for your active contribution and for the quality of your results! In total more than 200 of you participated, from all around the world.

Now, it is the time to announce the three main winners that have been determined according to specific criteria, inspired from the ImageNet challenge, and stated on the Codalab platform.

Claiming first place and winning €1500, was Kuku. Close behind in second place was Haharry, taking home a €1000 prize. Followed by our third winner: Constantly, winning €500! Congratulations to all three of you for your fantastic efforts – very well deserved victories!

All participants have contributed to find a solution, a machine learning algorithm which carries out one of the steps of the calibration of radiological images. This algorithm will be used in the framework of the "3D4CARM" project, initiated by Thales, which aims to generate 3D images during surgical operations with the help of a mobile and compact radiology system called C-ARM.
The integration of artificial intelligence in radiology is a goal we are consistently striving to develop, so thank you for your hard work and for joining us in our mission to advance health care innovation!