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ESS: important record for the new amplifier developed by Thales and CPI

As part of the ESS project (European Spallation Source), Thales Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems and CPI (Communications & Power Industries) have developed a new Megawatt class multibeam amplifier (MBIOT, Multi-Beam Inductive Output Tube) operating in long pulse at 704MHz. This new type of UHF amplifier enables a high electrical efficiency (>70%) at reduced voltages (<50 kV).  Accepted  at the end of 2018 on the CERN test bench in Geneva, the MBIOT has demonstrated  unrivalled performances, that is to say a peak power of 1.2MW (  peak at 1.35MW) with an efficiency  of 70% and a voltage of 44kV, and thus going above customer requirements.