Tomosynthesis available on our iconic Pixium Portable EZ

As the leader of the radiography market, Thales is constantly ahead of the game by quickly evolving in line with customers’ changing needs.

An innovative pseudo-dynamic mode to allow high-quality tomosynthesis

Our tomosynthesis application works with all our previous and new detectors, and thanks to our PIXRAD platform we can now produce a sequence of images. These tomographic algorithms allow fast 3D image reconstruction and offer high image quality throughout the individual images, giving healthcare professionals a more detailed and accurate scan. On top of this, the patient will be exposed to less radiation. Therefore, the PIXRAD ensures a high-quality pre-processing service that allows faster workflows and diagnoses than Computed Tomography (CT) systems.



Compared to CT exams, X-ray exams are faster and easier as the equipment used is relatively inexpensive and widely available. It also provides detailed information that enables us to look behind the dense structure of the patient’s anatomy.

Tomosynthesis at least partially overcomes neighbouring parenchymal structures and improves the detection of subtle lesions such as architectural distortions. It provides better characterization of masses and density asymmetries, and it is more reliable due to better delimitation of lesion contours. In addition, it allows negating convergence phenomena generated by the superposition of several structures. A three-dimensional image is obtained by using several low dose x-rays obtained at different angles.

We have already seen first-hand the advantages of our new Tomosynthesis application via its integration into our customers’ systems. See them for yourself here!

Last but not least: optimization of our EZ range of detectors!

One of the key developments and selling points of this new generation is the integrated PIXRAD platform, bringing with it lots of new features such as “license locking” which allows OEMs to develop pay-per-use business. This works by having a security key loaded into the detector which can only be unlocked by a trusted source with a unique session ID; this feature therefore has a very positive effect on the security of the Pixium range.