Madrid, 22/05/2017 – For the first time since the company foundation in 1988, TAS in Spain coordinates a project under ECSEL program which is co-financed by European Commission and Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Digital Agenda. TAS in Spain acts as a coordinator of the AQUAS Consortium composed of 23 member organisations coming from seven countries: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, France and Spain. The project started in May 2017 and has the duration of 36 months.
Having cooperation across European countries is critical for bringing the practise of co-engineering into the mainstream development processes. There is an ever increasing complexity of the systems we engineer in modern society which includes facing the convergence of the embedded and the open world. This complexity creates increasing difficulty with providing quality assurance for factors such as safety, security and performance in safety critical systems which can be found in transportation, aerospace and the industrial control domains.
AQUAS will focus is on the following:
• Safety/Security/Performance to be considered together during the overall life cycle of our products.
• Flexibility across domains.
• Consolidation of the industrial market by reducing costs and increasing system quality and maintaining compliance with more and more exacting standards.
• Improved tool features and capabilities
AQUAS (Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems) will support the objectives of the ECSEL JU MASRIA 2015 of keeping Europe at the forefront of the technology development and securing and strengthen the commanding position in design and systems engineering. This will be done by providing solutions for a holistic approach to Safety/Security/Performance Co-Engineering trough a domain-flexible framework, supporting the entire Product-Lifecycle.
AQUAS consortium will aid the technological progress required to provide solutions capable of meeting the challenges of the ever increasing complexity of the systems we engineer in modern society, which includes facing the convergence between embedded world and open world. This complexity creates increasing difficulties, particularly for safety critical systems such as the transportation, space, medical and industrial control domains. Meeting the continuously growing requirements on security and performance, while maintaining safety, requires a coordinated engineering approach. Such a coordinated engineering approach, making available leading edge design for Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) technologies, will increase the competitiveness of key European industrial domains.
For more information and project results please visit http://aquas-project.eu
AQUAS project is co-financed by ECSEL Joint Undertaking and Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Digital Agenda, within the ECSEL Call for Proposals 2016, under Grant Agreement number 737475.

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