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Thales will equip the Spanish Civil Guard with two mobile thermal unitss

The Economic Affairs Department of the Civil Guard has awarded Thales in Spain with a contract to supply 2 mobile thermal units integrated into 4x4 vehicles for the Tax Prosecution Services.

The purpose of this equipment is to reinforce the coastal and border surveillance of the Civil Guard. The new systems supplied by Thales represent an improvement in the technology, the operating and tactical capacity and the coastal surveillance procedures used by the Civil Guard.
The systems delivered to the Civil Guard consist of an all-terrain 4x4 vehicle and sensor head, integrating: a third-generation thermal imaging camera, a laser range finder, a GPS navigation device, an electronic compass, a video encoder, auto tracking, a motorised lift mast, a digital mapping system and the pre-installation for a digital radio (SIRDEE system), among other features.
The Defence and Security subsidiary of Thales in Spain brings its vast experience to this type of contract, as it has previously supplied the Civil Guard with mobile thermal units of similar characteristics. Furthermore, Thales has recently equipped this same body with fixed surveillance thermal optronic systems for coastal and border surveillance.

Thales’s optronic surveillance system is integrated in the vehicle, representing state-of-the-art technology, thanks also to its high performance, both in sensors for acquiring and transmitting information and in the ergonomic enhancements for the operator, the robustness of the equipment and its ease of deployment, handling and control. Thales Programas has been supplying surveillance optronic systems and thermal systems, including portable cameras and thermal viewers, to the Civil Guard for more than 15 years.