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How to get the most out of your metro

Our TransVerse™  digital platform for metro operators opens up a wealth of opportunities

Imagine if you could summon up a train exactly when you needed it. Or use big data tools to ease overcrowding, cut energy bills and boost productivity. It sounds too good to be true. But thanks to Thales, metro operators will soon be able to do all of these things – and much more besides.

A platform for your evolving needs 

The Operation Control Centre (OCC) is where everything happens on a metro. It’s the nerve centre, coordinating everything from train supervision to passenger information and security. 

Thales has led the field in OCC integration for more than three decades. Now, our TransVerse™ digital platform for our OCC is the new reference. So what’s changed and why is a new platform needed?

Metro systems are awash with data – just about every asset on a metro line now generates data – from signalling systems to CCTV and IoT (Internet of Things) networks. Operators want to tap into this data to achieve new operational goals, but traditional silo architecture prevents them from doing this easily. 

New capabilities are emerging all the time – many of these depend on links between different applications. Video analytics is an example. But taking advantage of new capabilities is difficult because functions cannot easily be converged with existing platforms. 

Cybersecurity is a moving target – transport networks are an increasing focus for hackers. To counter emerging threats, operators need a technology platform that can be continuously cybersecured.

How Thales’ latest-generation platform can help

Our latest OCC platform is designed to tackle our customers’ biggest pain points and explore new possibilities. It’s already being used on the lines 15, 16 & 17 of the Grand Paris Express network – ready for revenue service in 2025. Benefits of the platform include:

Silo-free operation – instead of bottling up data in silos, our new platform makes it possible to create a data lake. This means you can mix data from different systems, easily perform data analytics and explore new functions.

Continuous system delivery – Thales works in partnership with customers to ensure that the platform is constantly upgraded throughout its lifecycle. This includes cybersecurity updates, so you can be confident your system is protected. 

Open platform – there is no technology lock with our third-generation platform. You can integrate any software application from any vendor. 

Scalability with zero disruption – a key benefit of our third-generation platform is that you can add new features easily with no downtime. New applications can be integrated without the need to stop the system, eliminating disruption.

Cloud-ready – our third-generation IT architecture is hardware and operating system agnostic, offering the potential to migrate from physical servers to the cloud, private or public.

Happier passengers

So how does all of this enhance the passenger experience? Put simply, it’s transformational. In conjunction with Thales’ DIVA (Distributed Intelligent Video Analytics), we can provide unprecedented insights into passenger flows on stations, platforms and trains. Here are two examples of new services that can be delivered:

Crowd avoidance – our Passenger Density & Guidance solution shows people waiting on platforms which carriages of the approaching train are busy and which are not. Data from the solution – which uses video analytics – can also be used in the OCC to monitor crowding anywhere on the network – including on trains.

Trains on demand – passenger density predictions, based on current occupancy and historical data, can be used to adapt train services to expected demand. On driverless CBTC metros, extra trains can be launched into service automatically at exactly the right moment, so they reach the congested part of the network – before the crowds start to grow.

Operator benefits

Our third-generation platform offers enormous benefits for operators as well:

Integrate everything on a single platform – including fixed asset supervision, Automatic Train Supervision (ATS), maintenance diagnostics, Passenger Information Systems (PIS), passenger announcements, CCTV, video content analysis, and access control.

Connect multiple services to unlock new value – the platform provides a functional link between subsystems, so you can build new capabilities by mixing and matching different applications and alarms. For example, by linking the access control system with CCTV, you can immediately display the camera associated with an intrusion.

Green transportation – our latest digital platform opens up opportunities for energy saving, with data-driven tools to help you to reduce the electricity consumed by trains and station auxiliaries.

Make better decisions – we provide you with tools to manage any crisis. These include decision procedure lists with full functional integration, alarm sharing and team coordination, so you can take control of a crisis the moment it happens. 

Boost productivity – one OCC operator can perform multiple roles thanks to our integrated user interface. You can even go mobile, with OCC functions securely delivered via tablets or smartphones. Meanwhile, training time – and costs – are reduced thanks to built-in simulation and training functions, including record and replay.

Our latest digital platform underlines our continuing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers – and to building a future we can all trust.