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5 Years Running SelTrac CBTC After Successful Re-signalling

The North-South Line and East-West lines (collectively called NSEWL) are two out of six metro lines in Singapore – they are also the oldest, yet still maintain a high reliability. Operated by SMRT Trains, the two high-capacity lines have been serving the most densely developed parts of Singapore for over three decades.


Awarded in 2012, SMRT Trains selected Thales to supply its world-leading SelTrac Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) re-signalling solution, as well as the signalling of the Tuas-West Extension (extension of the East-West line). 

The complex project, which comprises mainly of Thales delivering a new moving-block signalling system in replacement of the NSEWL’s existing ageing fixed-block signalling system, was completed in stages. In 2017, the new system was put to the test and the new signalling system on the North-South Line has been in operation full-time since May 28, 2017. The entire new signalling system on NSEWL was fully delivered and operational by 2018.

As of today, it has been 5 years since Thales’ CBTC re-signalling system has been fully operational on the North-South Line.
The new system running on the North-South contributes to a greatly improved reliability metric (mean distance travelled between delays of more than 5 mins; train-km) of over 3 million train-km MKBF as of March 2022 (see source : LTA).

Congratulations to SMRT Trains on this key milestone and all stakeholders involved for 5 years of running the SelTrac CBTC after a successful re-signalling!

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The North-South line is 45 kilometres (28 miles) long and serves 27 stations, of which 10 are underground (between Braddell to Marina South Pier stations) and one is subsurface (Bishan station).

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