Thales's global land forces training simulation approach has delivered more than 300 armoured vehicle gunnery and driving simulator worldwide. Our innovative simulation approach provides land forces students with the ability to train and prepare to perform the full spectrum of military operations from offense, defense, stability and support manoeuvres.

We can deliver collective training, enabling comprehensive training for individuals, teams and large scale joint operations.
In a digitised battlespace environment, we support the progress from ab-initio driving, to advanced tactical driving skills. Full-scale replicas of driving cabs and turrets are included in the range, together with appropriate detection and identification sensors, and several training systems can be linked to real-time computer generated imagery.

Combat Training System
The Combat Training System is a sophisticated system catering for tactical training needs in the field, for company commanders and their subordinates, in decision-making, co-ordination and manoeuvring within a framework of a combined arms tactical task force.

Unit Commander Tactical Training
The Unit Commander Tactical Training system is a reconfigurable system featuring a flexible multi-level architecture to train commanders of mechanised infantry and armoured units tactical reasoning and decision making. It is based on 3D graphic desktop stations for trainees and role-players, networked with PC stations for tactical server and instructional staff.

Small Arms Training (Sagittarius)
Thales covers all areas of small arms training, from pistols to grenade launchers and guided weapons. Based on a common modular product design, a wide variety of options can be provided to meet specific training requirements.
More information about Sagittarius here.

Combined / Joint Training
Thales offers a global simulation and training approach that links together various simulators to perform the full spectrum of military operations (offense, defense, stability and support manoeuvres) in a digitized battlespace environment.
It allows to achieve a large scale of training goals for joint forces, international and coalition operations.

Driving Simulators
Thales offers a comprehensive product range of driving simulators for many types of platforms such as tanks, light tracked, wheeled and engineering vehicles. More than 300 vehicle driving simulators of 18 different types are now in operation in 12 countries, in fixed buildings as well as in mobile trailers.