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Thales Live Training solutions are available for open as well as urban battlefields, and provide a unique capability to train Forces’ units with their own real equipment. Thales Live Training Solutions feature all necessary components to satisfy the most stringent training and mission preparation requirements. Designed for Mission Readiness, Thales Live Training Solutions cover the whole range from skills acquisition, instruction and evaluation up to pre-deployment preparation. They are scalable for Army Training from Group to Battalion level.
Sagittarius Evolution provides both virtual and live firing training capabilities for individual and unit training. It supports a wide range of training scenarios from basic marksmanship training to advanced situational training. To further enhance its training value the simulation system can be networked with other systems and/or additional modules out of the Sagittarius product line such as Vehicle or Boat Module. All modules can be provided on motion platforms.
Land forces are under pressure, they need to operate individually, collectively in task forces, or in a network for combined and joint operations. Specialised training powered by simulation holds the key to mission success in today’s demanding environment. Thales comprehensive solutions to train Armoured Fighting Vehicle crews cover a full range of devices from stand-alone desktop training stations up to fully-customised medium and high-fidelity simulators.