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Soarizon: Unlocking the full potential of drones

For most companies drones are exciting but daunting; it’s a complex world, but transformative technology can help unlock the barriers to drone operations so they can fulfil their full potential.


To take just a few examples, a drone can inspect the structure of a bridge or stadium with no risk to human life, look for leaks within silos or storage tanks, be the ‘eyes in the sky’ for search and rescue---or avoid that need via a shark watch over Australian beaches.

The light-weight flying vehicles that don’t get tired easily can also do aerial surveillance of crops, crowds, construction, and of critical national infrastructure. They can ‘report’ with images for the media, and become a flexible new logistical force for deliveries that don’t have to wait in line at the post office.

The potential is indeed enormous; there is hardly any field where a drone can’t do a tough job better and/or with less risk to humans. And they can do things that were simply impossible to do before. However, the past four years have demonstrated that we need to build confidence among operators. They need to ensure that their vehicles are being flown safely and securely along civil aircraft, not interfering with civilians and are complying with all aspect of civil aviation regulations.

Mike Oliver, Thales Head of Customer Innovation in the UK

Enter Soarizon, a software-based digital operations centre from Thales for qualified and trusted drone operations. It’s designed to transform the way unmanned air systems (UAS) are utilised among multiple sectors by bringing them together for the first time, to facilitate their operations.

“Through Soarizon,” says Joel Grundy, Thales Head of Strategic Growth Opportunities in the UK, “we can help demystify the obscurity surrounding drones to capitalise on the value they can bring to so many fields and uses.

“Our approach can simplify the complex ecosystem of UAS suppliers and customers so that operators can spend their energy on the productive uses of drones in their specific fields. We are convinced that it will be the key to unlocking big growth now and over time.”

Soarizon’s strength is its innovative, digital and end-to-end solution, designed to transform the way drones are used. “It’s a key addition to the civil UAS market to enable the growth, scale and wider adoption of drones in the industry”, says Mike Oliver.   

Joel Grundy adds, “Thales is uniquely capable of playing this essential role, given our leadership in air traffic management, UAS, and digital security.  Combined with our expertise in technologies for connectivity, cybersecurity, data analytics and AI, we are offering the keys for digital transformation of this major physical industry of the future.”

Find out more about Soarizon here.

This article is part of a series of articles published for the Farnborough International Airshow in England, 16-22nd July 2018.