Australia and Thales to deploy world’s largest air traffic control system covering 11% of the globe

Australia’s OneSKY programme was made official and announced on 25 February. It is the world’s most advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM) system and the largest civil-military airspace integration project ever. Thales is proud to accompany Airservices Australia and the Australian Defence Force in this exceptional undertaking.

Airservices Australia and the Australian Defence Force have chosen to rely on Thales for their ambition of integrating all civil and military air traffic over an area totalling 53 million square kilometres, or 11% of the globe’s airspace.

OneSKY will set a new global standard for ATM, providing clear benefits to passengers, airlines and the economy whilst maintaining Australian air sovereignty and the safety of citizens. Passengers will notice quantifiable reductions in travel times and delays. For airlines, OneSKY is set to reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions. The Australian Air Force will benefit from safer co-ordination with civilian air movements, thus helping them accomplish their mission of protecting the nation and its citizens more efficiently.

The OneSKY system enables Australia to safely manage and benefit from the rapid increase in air travel over the next 20 years at a time when airspace management is becoming significantly more complex.

Already a historic leader in the field of ATM systems, Thales has shown itself to be the trusted, committed partner needed for ambitious long-term programmes such as OneSKY.

At a value of AUS $1.2 billion (over €700 million) for its supply and deployment, OneSKY will leverage Thales’s proven track-record in ATM systems, dual civil/military interoperability and use the latest digital technologies to improve flight co-ordination, safely increase the use of airspace, optimise air traffic flow and improve the way planes approach the runway. Drawing on its cybersecurity expertise, Thales will ensure the integrity of the connectivity that will drive this interoperability.

In Australia and beyond, the development and delivery of OneSKY will support 700 highly skilled, high-tech jobs, of which over 500 at Thales.

For a quick overview of the scale and benefits of this exciting programme, take a look at the OneSKY infographic and video below!

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