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More than just IFE - Thales expands its offer into InFlyt Experience

Thales announces the reshaping of its in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) activities into Thales InFlyt Experience.

  • Thales reshapes IFEC activities into Thales InFlyt Experience, the smart choice for the connected airline.
  • Value proposition: Thales InFlyt Experience is the only company capable of offering a fully immersive, customizable and transformational entertainment, connectivity and service experience to passengers, and truly bring a return on airline investment.
  • The Thales portfolio consists of systems structured around connectivity and connected services, underpinned by support, maintenance and content management ensuring IFE integrates the latest consumer trends.


This strategic shift focuses on the passenger experience which Thales enables airlines to offer and the airline experience where customers engage with Thales to design, deliver and support their solutions.

Passengers require an immersive, personalized and connected experience, and Thales has reshaped its offering to meet this demand. The integration of LiveTV represents a key step in this vision. The complete portfolio combines state-of-the-art in-seat entertainment systems with wireless content streaming and high performance connectivity services to give airlines the choice they need to design the experience they want.

By understanding airlines’ expectations from the early design phase through to in-service operations, Thales delivers reliable and easy to maintain systems, capable of evolving at a competitive price, designed to maximize return on investment. 

Thales InFlyt Experience carries the simple value proposition of being the smart choice for the connected airline. The three fundamental elements of Thales InFlyt Experience are the AVANT, FlytLive and FlytCare.

AVANT is the most advanced Android system on the market. Already flying on major Airbus and Boeing aircraft including the A350 XWB, AVANT features the latest applications available to the consumer market thanks to Thales’s technology partners.

FlytLive consists of a host of fast and secure broadband connectivity, connected services, and live content management services. Structured around safety, data security and the fastest possible performance, FLytLive makes no compromise on bandwidth and range of coverage.

Underpinning all these is FlytCare a, world-class maintenance and repair service leveraged by Thales’s global support and service network.

For airlines, this portfolio creates fully integrated and optimized solutions, driving new positioning and differentiation. A connectivity-enabled Android platform, underpinned by strong application development services, drives enhanced B to C marketing, ancillary revenue generation, flight monitoring, data analytics and reporting to manage and utilize information and live content. The offering can therefore provide commercial returns in line with an airline’s market positioning.

As a result, passengers experience a system that behaves like a tablet or PC, with the same High Definition resolution found on modern televisions, multi-touchscreens, and a connectivity core that gives access to personal social media and communications, online shopping through secure payment systems, access to personal entertainment, live television, and business activities. In short, it brings a truly connected and customizable in-flight experience.

At the heart of Thales InFlyt Experience’s success is the expertise leveraged from the entirety of Thales. As the only in-flight entertainment market player positioned across the entire spectrum of civil aerospace, and with its position as undisputed world leader in big data management and cyber-security – 80% of the world’s financial transactions are secured by Thales - Thales InFlyt Experience draws upon a wealth of technology and know-how unrivalled in the market.


“We believe Thales InFlyt Experience is going to revolutionize passenger air travel and the way airlines see IFE providers. Our state-of-the-art AVANT Android system and associated FlytLive connectivity solutions enable an unrivaled passenger experience whilst providing airlines with exceptional value for money and return on investment. We are fully dedicated to the satisfaction of our airline customers in all phases of their project. Thales’s heritage as leaders in civil aerospace, has enabled us to build one of the most successful in-flight entertainment companies in the world and now with the integration of LiveTV’s activities completing our offer, we are ready to reach new heights for the benefit of our airline customers.”

Dominique Giannoni, Thales VP and CEO of Thales InFlyt Experience

Notes to editors

Thales InFlyt Experience™ enriches the travel experience by entertaining, connecting, and informing people before, during and after the flight.

For our airline customers, we offer competitive, state-of-the-art, evolutive solutions that align the passenger experience to the unique needs of the airline brand.

Through innovation and partnerships we help airlines achieve substantial financial returns and operational efficiencies to ensure total cost of ownership is minimized.

Thales IFEC Portfolio before the LiveTV Acquisition

Thales IFEC Portfolio after the LiveTV Acquisition – a perfect marriage

Thales InFlyt Experience Portfolio :

  • AVANT™ Systems
  • FlytLIVE™ Connectivity Solutions
  • FlytCARE™ Service and Support