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COCESNA and Thales signed two contracts to modernize its AMHS and AIM systems and navigation aids infrastructure

  • COCESNA and Thales signed two contracts to modernize the AMHS (Aeronautical Message Handling System) and AIM (Aeronautical Information Management) system and NAVAIDS (Navigation Aids) infrastructure across 6 countries in Central America.
  • COCESNA is a regional organization responsible for air navigation services in Central America and is a key reference as a regional alliance of Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) comprising 6 ANSPs from Central America (Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua). The modernization of the AMHS/AIM system will enable COCESNA to enhance its communication capabilities using state-of-the-art aviation technology, thereby promoting a safer and more efficient airspace in the region.
  • Thales will continue to modernize and renew ground based navigation aids infrastructure in ​ eleven sites across six countries with the most advanced technologies that will improve reliability and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by up to 50%. This modernization will also support COCESNA’s goal of becoming environmentally sustainable by reducing CO2 emission of these systems by up to 50%


© Thales
© Thales

Thales signed two contracts with COCESNA, the Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services, to modernize their Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS), Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system, and navigation aids (NAVAIDS) infrastructure. This renewal of trust reflects COCESNA's confidence in Thales' capabilities for enhancing critical aviation systems in six Central American countries:Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua.

Thales is a long-standing partner of COCESNA for more than 25 years.

Thales has provided COCESNA with a comprehensive AIM suite, including AIS (Aeronautical Information Service), AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model), AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication), as well as mapping and procedure design modules. Since the implementation of the AMHS/AIM system, the COCESNA-Thales relationship has continued with the signing of several maintenance and support contracts, including the addition of new features.

The modernization of Thales' TopSky - AMHS system will enable COCESNA to increase its communication capacity using state-of-the-art aviation technology, promoting a safer and more efficient airspace in the region. The system will comply with the latest regulations on AMHS standards and SWIM gateways.

This modernization involves migrating to a virtual platform. This will provide a scalable and easy-to-maintain solution. In addition, it will enable COCESNA members to become one of the first countries in Central and South America to process the IWXXM format, the latest International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard for meteorological data.

Thales’ TopSky - AIM, TopSky - AMHS solution and navigation aids will support COCESNA in its mission to provide high-quality aeronautical information and services to its member states.

Further strengthening a long term and successful relationship, Thales will continue to modernize Navaids infrastructure in compliance with the comprehensive investment plan approved by Cocesna board of directors. The deployment of new generation DME (Distance Measuring Equipment), ILS (Instrument Landing System) and DVOR (Deployable VHF omnidirectional range) products, will benefit COCESNA with up to 50% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and up to 50% CO2 emissions reduction over the full systems lifecycle. Additional support in training and technical assistance will enhance the skill-set of COCESNA in-house support team, providing them with the right expertise to support its customers. Under long-term logistic support contract, Thales will create homogenized infrastructure support plan, providing economies of scale to operate effectively for decades to come.

“Our 25-year partnership with COCESNA has been exceptional, and with the signing of these NAVAIDS, AMHS and AIM modernization contracts, we look forward to furthering our shared vision for a safer, greener and more efficient aviation future” Todd Donovan, VP Airspace Mobility Solutions for the Americas, Thales

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