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Doha Airport

Safety of the new Doha airport: supporting the growth of a major global airline hub

With more than 37 million passengers in 2016, Qatar's new Doha Airport is one of the busiest airline hubs in the world. Thales has designed the whole security system, deployed in partnership with Arinc.

An airport of growing importance

Inaugurated in 2014, the Hamad International Airport welcomes a dense and ever-increasing passenger traffic. Its operation implies to:
- Guarantee an optimal level of security for travelers, staff and infrastructure, in the face of terrorist threats, fire hazard, potential introduction of dangerous objects ...;
- Ensure maximum fluidity of traffic and access;
- Support airport’s growth : the infrastructure is expected to accommodate up to 50 million passengers within a few years.
Thales has designed the entire security, access control and communication system, deploying a comprehensive and integrated solution in partnership with Arinc, an American company specialized in communication systems in the transportation business.

A comprehensive solution with high added value

The integrated solution developed by Thales includes:
- A comprehensive access control system, including 1,200 checkpoints;
- A videoprotection network, with 1,000 cameras deployed;
- The airport’s internal communication system, including closed-circuit televisions, a telephone system, 150 kilometers of optical fibre ...;
- Computer network management;
- An integrated fire detection and building management system.
In addition to technological expertise, the added value of Thales lies in the ability to integrate all these elements in order to ensure enhanced security and smoother airport operation.