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Thales to supply Ukraine with a second air defence system to help protect its territory

  • Under the aegis of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the delivery of a second complete Thales Air Defence system to help protect Ukraine. ​
  • This additional short-range air defence system consists of a ControlMaster 200 (CM200), including a Ground Master 200 air surveillance radar, a radio communications system, Air Defence command-and-control centre ControlView together with portable weapon allocation terminals.
  • As Europe's leading Air Defence systems’ integrator, Thales air defence technologies protect against all types of threats at all levels of the airspace and cover the entire decision-making chain, from detection and identification to neutralisation.
© Thales
© Thales

Following the supply of a first air defence system to Ukraine in 2023, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has decided to acquire a second system, due to its proven efficiency on the battlefield.

A complete detection and defence system for Ukraine

Ensuring the protection of the population and armed forces requires the earliest possible detection of threats, wherever and whenever they arise - at sea, in the air or on land.

The CM200 detects and tracks simultaneously low to high-altitude targets in all types of environments. It provides air defence weapon coordination for Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) up to Extended Short Range Air Defence (E-SHORAD).

The Ground Master 200 radar establishes tracks faster and keeps them locked for longer, thus maximising situational awareness. This gives time to the ControlView command and control system to evaluate the threat, while allocating the appropriate firing units for air target engagement through each weapon terminal.

Thales is the benchmark European systems integrator capable of integrating air defence systems and managing their compatibility with other existing systems, a real asset for users to deploy rapidly and efficiently.

“This second air defence system will strengthen the protection of the Ukrainian territory, enabling early detection of existing threats. Thales is proud to put its expertise at the service of Ukraine's protection”, Hervé Dammann, Executive Vice-President, Land and Air Systems.

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