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Leading Unmanned Aircraft Systems from Thales

Thales lead the way in Unmanned Aircraft System Industry

In a video interview recorded ahead of Eurosatory, Pierre Eric Pommellet, EVP, Defence Mission Systems, explains why Thales is so well positioned in this rapidly expanding sector.

With its involvement in some of the world’s largest projects, notably the Watchkeeper programme - the first UAV to be certified to operate in civil airspace - as well as Neuron, Thales is the European leader in Tactical UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

The Group’s expertise delivers complete UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) solutions, involving the aircraft, control stations, safety, training, certification, data dissemination and the intelligence it delivers to our customers. Thales is also working actively with authorities to define the very high standards against which UAVs should operate.

Although the main requirement for tactical UAVs comes from the defence marketplace, Thales is also active in civil domains. The Group is central to the creation of several hubs with start ups and SMEs to work on new innovative systems and solutions for security, surveillance and monitoring purposes, as well as on the technology that will make UAVs safe when operating in airspace occupied by other aircraft.

Watch the video to find out more the work Thales is doing in this domain and where Pierre Eric Pommellet sees the industry in 20 years’ time.