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RAPIDFire: Keeping Troops Safe from Predators in the Sky

How do you protect soldiers on the move from the latest airborne threats, including armed drones, hovering helicopters and even cruise missiles that are ready to prey on targets below them?

The answer is RAPIDFire, the latest generation in air defense systems, that will change everything you thought you knew about effective ‘anti-aircraft’ intervention.

This highly-mobile multi-role-gun system can protect troops as well as fixed battleground assets by zapping enemy predators  out of the sky.

RAPIDFire’s precision tracking, targeting and destruction of the newest airborne threats is a field commander’s dream, explains Cyril Dupuytrent, of Thales whose 40 years of field-proven weapon systems’ experience are behind the system’s unique range of capabilities.

“RAPIDFire creates a protective ‘bubble’ of four kilometers around it” explains Cyril Dupuytrent, “Its speed, versatility and built-in intelligence create a true ‘shield’ for armed forces on the move”.

Speed and firepower come from its 40 mm CTA cannon that has the compactness of a 25 mm gun and from the ‘smartshells’ inside the cartridge for easier manipulation and logistics. The system is a result from a Thales partnership with Nexter.

RAPIDFire itself could not be ‘smarter’. Its built-in Optronics and Artificial Intelligence  provide for 3D precision for the operator who guides the projectiles to their targets tot release their pellets at precisely the moment of interception.

And RAPIDFire lives up to its name, with a reaction time of target detection to ready-to-fire mode of 4.5 seconds and with a firing rate of up to 200 rounds per minute.

Cyril Dupuytrent concludes, “RAPIDFire’s mobility, precision, and efficiency can provide day and night protection needed to assure the safety of all elements needed for success in today’s connected Collaborative Combat”.