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Saving Lives by jamming Signals with Electronic Countermeasures

The allied convoy approaches the village, not knowing that insurgents have buried radio-controlled Improvised Explosive Devices at its entrance. Fortunately, an ECLIPSE jammer integrated into the lead vehicle intercepts and jams the detonation signal at the decisive moment. The personnel carriers move on unharmed.

As the troops disembark and leave the safe zone around the vehicles, the insurgents try to set off additional RC-IEDs. But they are foiled again: each soldier has activated a personal STORM-H jammer.

 A potential deadly ambush is defeated and allies advance unimpeded. Applied technology is the reason and Thales, the world leader in combining defense experience with digital expertise, is the source of this crucial contribution to defense.

A new generation of Electronic Countermeasures, already serving allied forces around the world, ECLIPSE and STORM-H jam radio signals across a wide range of frequencies when an RC-IED is detected. They are convenient, easy to use, and rugged. And their modular, open architecture allows them to be adapted to meet new threats, keeping one step ahead of opponents.

Fabrice Le Clezio, Thales Product Line Manager for Electronic Warfare Products, emphasizes, “For Armed Forces who need to operate in areas with RC-IED threats, the ECLIPSE smart software defined jammer saves lives with electronic protection against radio-controlled IEDs, while preserving friendly communications. It is the most compact solution on the market to cover the full frequency band (20-6000 MHz).”