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CONTACT: the only SDR program of such magnitude in Europe

From 2018, CONTACT will set a new standard in radio performance.

Today's highly mobile forces deployed in remote theatres of operations under joint or allied command need to share a common operational picture (COP) with real-time situational awareness. They need to speed up the tempo of operations and optimise the efficiency and survivability of each platform through cooperative engagements. To meet these operational requirements, their radio systems need to offer new features and functionality. From 2018, CONTACT will set this new standard in radio performance.


France's CONTACT SDR programme: secure tactical internet to support network-centric operations and cooperative engagements.

CONTACT radios will be 100 times more powerful than current-generation equipment. CONTACT air and naval tactical radios share a common radio core and will offer faster transmission speeds, enhanced security and extended interoperability.


An integrated multi-network radio capability for land vehicles.

This communication node function automatically manages radio frequency usage, based on the electromagnetic environment and broader operational context, and ensures the best possible radio performance in terms of range and speed while minimising the use of spectrum resources.


Enhanced protection against electromagnetic interference.

With the growing demand for connectivity, each platform will simultaneously use several transmit / receive channels. The absence of co-site filters in radios is having a disastrous effect on radio performance, particularly in terms of transmission quality. For the CONTACT SDRs — and in line with the PR4G radios — each land, air and naval radio will incorporate these simultaneous transmit / receive capabilities.


A set of high-performance radio waveforms tailored to the operational requirements of tomorrow.

These waveforms will implement standard IP services, which will greatly improve system integration and ensure easy interfacing with applications such as battlefield management systems. They will also offer native connectivity services, such as Voice over IP, messaging, chat, situation awareness and video transfer within operational communities, organised geographically or hierarchically.


An unparalleled level of interoperability.

The CONTACT radios are designed to accommodate NATO, coalition and national waveforms, with the appropriate levels of security, as illustrated under Europe's ESSOR HDR WF programme. The CONTACT radios will also support the PR4G-F@ stnet waveforms, deployed around the world, and other existing waveforms, to ensure a smooth transition to software-defined radio.