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Ground Alerter 10 - Making Every Second Counts

When on mission in external theatres of operations, armed forces need constant protection. They need it in the field, when moving forward or fighting, but they also need it in camps, where they are resting or protecting civilians - or both. 

Yet, over the past decades, the number of attacks on military camps by insurgents and militia groups has continued to increase. Although not necessarily very sophisticated, the rockets and mortars they’ve been using to attack are dangerous because they strike when the guard is down. Sense and warn capabilities are therefore critical for camp protection.

Rest Easy with 24/7 Protection

Attacks on military and civilian protected camps are not unusual. But the nature of these attacks is in constant evolution, becoming deadlier as more technologies become widely available. Sophistication of the assault weapon is almost irrelevant in such cases, what matters is the element of surprise. Imagine being in your barracks having dinner or resting at the end of a strenuous mission and suddenly being shaken by an explosion close by. Now imagine the relief in knowing you are still alive and the devastation in realising that colleagues and/or civilians were hit. 

And now imagine not being torn between relief and devastation, rather being grateful the camp was equipped with a warning system that allowed you, your comrades  and civilians nearby, to seek refuge away from the point of impact - Maja Velimirovic, Director Surface Radars, Germany


Thales has developed the Ground Alerter 10 (GA10) to provide armed forces with fully automatic, 24/7 Sense & Warn protection. The sensing capability comprises a radar and a foldable mast that detect and classify, within a 10km radius, mortar and rockets flying in the direction of the camp. Once a threat is detected, the radar calculates the threat’s point of impact and activates the sirens located near the point of impact. The sound and flashing of the sirens give people up to 30 seconds to seek refuge or evacuate, becoming faster as the threat approaches. 

Enjoy Full Autonomy

External operations often also require armed forces to move around. On the way to their next location, they will necessitate protection for their convoy and their more short-term intermediate halts.

The GA10 was developed to facilitate 24/7 protection in mobile scenarios and in full autonomy. It is transportable in two 2-men portable  boxes plus the foldable antenna and can be set-up by two operators in less than one hour. The use of batteries to power the radar, rather than a generator, also contributes to facilitating transportation while maintaining discretion in more sensitive areas. Finally, sirens connected to the system are powered by solar panels, ensuring complete energy autonomy throughout the mission.

A proven technology that saves lives

The GA10 has already been operating in United Nations (UN) camps in Africa for a few years. On 8 June 2017, it saved the lives of peacekeepers and civilians when the Kidal Camp of the UN mission in Mali (MINUSMA) was attacked by rebels using mortar and rockets. It has also been protecting French armed forces in the Middle East and was recently selected by the German Federal Armed Forces for camp and convoy protection.

Maja Velimirovic, Director Surface Radars, Germany, adds:

The GA10 gives armed forces an intangible sense of safety, you can rest more easily because you can count of the radar to give you precious seconds to save lives.