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Thales and AMST awarded contract to improve pilot safety through new high G-force training service for the UK MOD

Thales and AMST are working together to deliver a new high G-force training service for fast-jet pilots. The service, being developed at RAF Cranwell, will improve pilot safety and offer a cost-effective training solution.
Latest generation fighter aircraft are capable of performing advanced manoeuvres with rapid, multi-axes motions. This delivers significant advantage and superiority in the air, but exposes pilots to new combinations of high acceleration and rotational motion. Being able to manage the resulting level of G-force is critical to pilot safety.
As prime contractor, Thales will provide the design, build and operation of the training service which is set to open in 2018. Thales has significant experience in designing and delivering complex managed training services, including the RAF’s A400M Atlas, Tornado GR4 and A330 Voyager.
AMST will provide the design, technical and engineering capability for a human training centrifuge which allows pilots to build and maintain their ability to withstand high G in a safe environment.
The new training service will sustain and create employment and have a positive impact on the UK supply chain. Thales will work with a number of UK based SMEs during the construction phase.

“The relationship between Thales and AMST is built on our complimentary capabilities and we are delighted that this has been recognised by the UK MoD in the award of this contract.” Peter Hitchcock, Thales Vice-President in charge of avionics activities.
“Together, AMST and Thales will provide the RAF with the optimum and above all, safest and most effective High G training” Richard Schluesselberger, CEO, AMST.

Defence Minister Philip Dunne said: “Our pilots receive some of  the best and most advanced training, and its constant evolution, such as this G-force training, ensures it remains world-class. “This £44 million contract which will allow pilots to develop their ability to withstand high G-force in a safe environment, will involve the innovation and expertise of Small and Medium Enterprises across the UK. This is all part of our £178 billion investment in giving our Service men and women the very best possible training and equipment.”


Photo: Human Training Centrifuge  -  supplied by AMST

About AMST

AMST is the leading global provider of high G training equipment and has been designing, developing and manufacturing centrifuges and other specialised training systems for over 30 years; delivering a large number of advanced human centrifuges worldwide, on time and to budget, achieving up to 99% reliability.
AMST’s safety record is unrivalled, and the equipment is renowned for durability, safety and reliability. Find out more


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