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Thales will equip the future MIECZNIK Frigates of the Polish Navy with the integrated combat system TACTICOS

  • On 4th of March, Thales signed a strategic cooperation agreement with PGZ-MIECZNIK Consortium, led by Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ).
  • Under this agreement, Thales will work with Consortium members and Polish industry partners to deliver the integrated air and missile defence capability for the new frigates while strengthening Poland’s defence industry both within and beyond MIECZNIK.
  • Thales TACTICOS Combat Management System is already operational in the Polish Navy and in 24 other navies around the world (from offshore patrol craft to destroyers).

The Polish Armed Forces has selected Thales as the preferred technology provider for the future frigate Programme for the Polish Navy, MIECZNIK. This programme has strategic importance for Poland. Thales is offering an efficient low risk and comprehensive integrated combat system solution designed to meet Poland’s operational and industrial requirements. Thales will contribute to consolidate Poland’s local defence industry by working with PGZ-MIECZNIK Consortium and other Polish industry actors. ​ ​

Thales will leverage its experience of working with the Polish Navy and its 20-year relationship with its in-country partner, OBR CTM, to increase Polish industry’s contribution to its combat systems solutions both within Poland and in its global export markets.

Working together with Babcock and with the support of the UK Government, Thales will put key learnings from the Type 31 programme in the UK into good use to reduce risk and ease the path to vessel acceptance. Poland’s plans for the MIECZNIK frigates will deliver enhanced capabilities which will be of interest to other navies.

The combat management system (CMS) is the central command and decision-making element of a naval vessel combat system. Its function and performance – supporting sensor control, picture compilation, situation assessment, action support and weapon control – are critical to the operational effectiveness of a naval vessel. In service on more than 200 naval platforms, TACTICOS, has an unrivalled record of proven equipment integrations.

Thales’ CMS has an open and extensible architecture which creates a shared information environment and delivers agility in service. An enterprise development kit enables seamless integration of third party capabilities and a smooth path to future platform and system upgrades. In service with 25 navies the combat management system has highly intuitive human machine interfaces which deliver operational benefits for naval crews fighting the ship.

“We are proud to be part of this key programme for the Polish Armed Forces. Being down-selected by Polish Armed Forces recognizes the technology we can offer but also the experience we bring to integrating and delivering complex systems. This is not only a success for Thales but a significant success for Team UK. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Poland to the benefit of both nations.” Alex Cresswell, Chief Executive and Chairman, Thales in the UK

“We are proud that we have been selected for this major programme. It strengthens our relationship with the Polish Navy that dates back to the Orkan Class ships and the ORP Ślązak offshore patrol-vessel. We are looking forward to working together with Polish industry to support the Navy in its task to safeguard Polish sovereignty.” Gerben Edelijn, Vice President Above Water Systems, Thales

“It is a great honor for us, we are glad that we have been selected by the Polish Armed Forces as the preferred technology supplier in the MIECZNIK program. We will make every effort to meet the requirements - both operational and industrial. In cooperation, we always focus on dialogue and we strive to provide services at the highest possible level, this is Thales' showcase. We hope for further development of cooperation with the Polish industry and a successful technology transfer.” Magdalena Nizik, Country Director and Chief Executive Officer, Thales Polska