TOTEM High Land provides all the reference localization data required by the host vehicle: 3D position, 3D velocity, attitudes, true and magnetic heading. Associated with an embedded GNSS receiver or an external stand-alone receiver, independent position and velocity solutions are simultaneously available:
                  • Pure inertial with Zero velocity UpdaTe (ZUPT) capability,
                  • Pure GPS,
                  • Hybrid INS/GPS/Odometer (can be activated with GPS or odometer measurement only).

With embedded Thales GNSS 1000S SAASM GPS receiver, TOTEM High Land is capable of ultra-tight coupling of INS/GPS, thus offering unequalled satellite tracking capability in adverse conditions (underwood, jamming, etc.), largely exceeding standard SAASM GRAM receiver anti-jamming capability.

TOTEM High Land can be associated with an embedded and loadable database. It then performs navigation function for operational guidance: marking, updating, approach chained navigation, desired track, time/velocity guidance, etc.




The TOTEM High Land consists of an Inertial Reference System associated with an embedded SAASM Global Positioning System GNSS 1000S and linked to the vehicle odometer. A bi-directional RS link allows vehicle GPS (DAGR type) coupling.




Inertial and GNSS sensors are all Thales proprietary technology. The tri-axis Ring Laser Gyro PIXYZ-22 and MICAL high accuracy accelerometers allow high performance against the more severe environment conditions without reliability compromise in a reduced space. The GNSS 1000S receiver has been approved SAASM compliant per SS-GPS-001A by US JPO.