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Thales and SMRT Trains Ink Long-Term Services Support Contract to Bolster Reliability of Signalling System

  • SMRT Trains and Thales, with support from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, inked an agreement that strengthens the reliability and availability of Thales’ SelTracTM communication-based train control signalling solution for the country’s North-South and East-West lines.
  • Apart from supplying spares and repair service, Thales will also provide under the agreement cybersecurity enhancements and obsolescence management for the existing signalling system.
  • This long-term services support agreement enables SMRT Trains to continue providing safe and reliable journeys for millions of daily commuters in Singapore, for the next 11 years until 2033.

Reaffirming its strength as a trusted global transportation supplier, Thales was recently awarded a long-term services support (LTSS) contract by SMRT Trains, with support from the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA), for the continued reliability and availability of its SelTracTM Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system on the North-South and East-West lines.

Leveraging Thales’ deep expertise in managing complex rail projects around the globe, this programme will see Thales provide ongoing repair service, spares and technical support for the existing signalling system on Singapore’s oldest train lines until 2033. During this period, a diverse and international team comprising Thales’ engineering, technical and rail experts will collaborate closely with SMRT Trains to enable sustained performance of the signalling system at best standard efficiency, throughout its operational life.

Recognising the importance of service continuity, Thales will also provide both software and hardware obsolescence management and implement cybersecurity enhancements to further strengthen the cyber-resilience of the existing signalling system. To mitigate the evolving cyber threats, a dedicated team of Thales security experts will conduct technical and vulnerability checks and deliver security updates. ​ ​

The signing of this LTSS agreement serves as a testament to Thales’ and SMRT Trains’ commitment in providing safe and reliable passenger journeys for Singapore’s rail commuters over the years. Thales’ SelTracTM CBTC signalling system first entered into service on the North-South and East-West lines in 2017, and has since enhanced signalling system reliability as well as passenger experience.

“In Singapore, Thales’ transportation solutions has helped deliver smooth and efficient passenger journeys for the last two decades. With this LTSS agreement, we are entrenching our transportation footprint in Singapore, strengthening our partnership with SMRT and LTA, and demonstrating our capabilities in world-class rail signalling and cybersecurity. This contract underscores our long-term commitment to providing commuters in Singapore with the best possible experience during their commutes while ensuring that the rail network remains robust and cyber-secured.” - Kevin CHOW, Country Director & Chief Executive, Thales in Singapore.

“This LTSS agreement is an important part of SMRT’s plans to maintain the high reliability of our train services in a sustainable way, as well as to manage obsolescence for the maintenance of rail assets in the years ahead. The LTSS will also allow SMRT engineers to work closely with Thales to deepen our knowledge and competencies in the signalling system. With the support of LTA, we are happy to continue working closely with Thales as we strive to provide safe and reliable train journeys for commuters in Singapore.” ​ - LAM Sheau Kai, President, SMRT Trains