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Thales ranked as one of the world's 100 most innovative companies for the 10th year

Thales is one of the 7 most innovative French companies and institutions in the world, according to Clarivate's Top 100 Global Innovators™ 2023. A total of 22 European companies and institutions are part of this global benchmark for innovation, which is based on the number of patents filed as well as their success and level of influence.

This 10th listing recognises Thales' unique strategy of innovation for dual civil and military markets, and the role it plays in critical systems with a direct impact on the safety and security of individuals, countries and infrastructure.

Underpinning the Group's potential for innovation, 3,000 researchers and 30,000 engineers work in research and development, and each year Thales invests 4 billion euros in R&D, of which 1 billion is self-financed. The Group files between 350 and 400 new patents a year and currently has a total of 20,000 patents in its portfolio.

More than 50% of these new patents involve key technologies related to artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, big data, the cloud, augmented reality and quantum technologies.

"We are delighted to be recognized once again as one of the few French companies in the list of the world's top innovators! Thales' research efforts will continue in 2023, particularly in areas of growing importance such as radars, cameras and other sensors, petawatt lasers and digital technologies, which account for 45% of our innovations." Bernhard Quendt, Chief Technology Officer, Thales



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