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Thales high-tech systems on board French Navy’s future medium-size frigates

At Euronaval 2016, the French ministry of defence unveiled the FTI (Frégate de Taille Intermédiaire) medium-size frigate programme for the French Navy. Working alongside DCNS, Thales has been selected to provide a number of latest-generation systems for the future frigates.

Key points

  • Working alongside DCNS, Thales is proposing a number of latest-generation systems for the French Navy's FTI (Frégate de Taille Intermédiaire) future medium-size frigate programme.
  • Thales is to supply the compact version of its CAPTAS-4 towed-array sonar, the SEA FIRE multi-function radar, the Aquilon integrated naval communication system, and an ESM system for electronic warfare.
  • As of 2016, Thales equipment and systems are in service with 53 navies on board more than 500 vessels.

Thales anti-air, anti-surface, anti-submarine and maritime security systems are widely recognised for their performance and are in service with more than 50 navies. Thales brings unparalleled expertise to client navies all over the world, and will be providing the following systems for the France's future FTI:

  • CAPTAS-4 compact sonar

Thales is launching a compact, modular version of the CAPTAS-4 towed array sonar currently in service on the FREMM multi-mission frigates. The compact version of CAPTAS-4 delivers the same very long-range detection performance with 20% lower weight and a footprint almost 50% smaller, bringing the FTI the most effective underwater detection capability available on the market.

  • SEA FIRE radar

Developed with the support of the French authorities, the SEA FIRE is a fully solid-state multi-function radar with a four-panel phrased array antenna. It meets the requirements of a broad range of missions, from ship self-defence to extended air defence, and can deploy ASTER missiles. The SEA FIRE is designed to perform in the complex conditions of the littoral or in heavily jammed environments to counter conventional, asymmetric or emerging air and surface threats. The new radar is suitable for all types of corvettes and frigates.

  • Aquilon integrated naval communication system

Thales is also supplying the Aquilon fully integrated naval communication system and an IFF system associated with the SEA FIRE radar. Aquilon is already in service with the French Navy and numerous other naval forces. Built around an IP architecture, it provides all shipboard and external communications and delivers secure connectivity services for frigate and crew, guaranteeing interoperability between all the actors taking part in the FTI's future missions.

  • ESM[1] electronic warfare system

The new SENTINEL electronic warfare system from Thales is also built around the very latest technology. With a modular architecture, this all-digital system guarantees electromagnetic compatibility with modern shipboard systems and is capable of precisely identifying fast manoeuvring threats in the complex RF environments encountered in littoral waters.
As of 2016, Thales equipment and systems are in service with 53 navies on board more than 500 vessels.

"With more than 50 years of experience providing high-tech equipment, systems and naval services to client navies around the world, Thales is proud to have been selected by the defence ministry to take part in the French Navy's future medium-size frigate programme."
Patrice Caine, Chairman & CEO, Thales


[1] Electronic Support Measures
Justine Degez, Land & Naval Defence Media Relations
+33 6 89 34 53 09