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Thales Smart Video Finds the Needle in the Security Haystack

A valise is left in a crowded airport waiting area.

Is it a threat?

That question can now be answered more quickly than ever through Thales Smart Video solutions which turn Big Data into Smart Data, extracting from huge masses of information the most relevant elements to understand quickly an evolving development.

In the past, video operators had little help in trying to watch numerous screens at once in hopes of detecting an unusual situation that could present a risk nor could they easily look back into the masses of data captured on video to make sense of what they were seeing. That meant precious time lost in reacting to dangers.

Breaking down security silos to identify the unusual in a sea of data

Today, Thales solutions transform current user systems into powerful immediate detectors of potential risk situations and provide quick look-back images of how they developed.

So the ‘needle in the security haystack’ can be found based on past experience and foreseeable risks. And, even before any incident develops, Thales’ Artificial Intelligence technologies can alert video surveillance operators to out-of-line situations compared to past experience as the system ‘learns’ as it operates over time.

In the same way, systems can also be programmed to understand and plan for future public events and traffic patterns.

Pascal Zenoni, Manager of Thales Video Solutions, says, “Our systems represent a new generation of support to all those who need rapid and efficient surveillance of their environment to protect people and property.  They transform raw data coming from all existing sensors and transform that input into meaningful information on which critical decisions can be taken immediately.  So the end user can focus attention on his or her true added value: taking action rather than spending time trying to find and understand the importance of what the videos images are really showing.”