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Why the new european data protection regulation is an opportunity, not an obstacle

Scandals and infrastructure shutdowns of the past year have tapped into a collective fear.
The Cambridge Analytica scandal and WannaCry are two striking examples of recent events that massively dented people’s trust in digital solutions.

The positive side to this?
Protecting personal data is now on everyone’s agenda and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is coming into force on May 25, is at the heart of this.

New Rules, New Opportunity

It’s true that GDPR is seen as a constraint by many companies, but it’s also a potential fuel for more  business, based on increased user confidence.
Laurent Maury, VP of Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity at Thales

The challenge, and opportunity, is in meeting the cybersecurity needs of GDPR and adapting to a new business model and market built on the restoration of trust through transparent protection of data.

A World Leader in Data Protection

As a world leader in data protection - 19 of 20 of the world’s largest banks use Thales’s data encryption solution - Thales has developed an approach aimed at responding to these challenges.

The Thales cybersecurity experts perform health checks on organisations to assess GDPR readiness. The Thales eSecurity Accelerator Pack can secure critical databases in less than two days to meet regulation standards. And the Group’s Cyber-Security Operations Centres (CSOC) provide constant cybersecurity supervision 24 hours a day, year round.

Trust is at the Heart of the New Economy

As Laurent Maury puts it, “the gold of the 21st century is data. Big data technologies fuel the new economy. At its heart is digital trust.”
Innovations in cybersecurity will overcome the current fear of data mismanagement and allow the digital revolution to continue to develop in the service of individuals and, by definition, also the organisations in which they trust.

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