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Will your precious data rain down from the Cloud?

It’s hard to find fault with our digital lifestyle —except when you consider how your data may lose its protection as it is used across the internet.

Consider a typical business trip: after purchasing online your airline ticket to an out-of-town conference, you board with a mobile boarding pass. Once inflight, you polish that important sales presentation on your tablet and update and record your contact information.  At the hotel, you check in and open the door to your room with your phone, before making a restaurant reservation with it for a client dinner.

Convenient? Yes, but the digital migration of data from one application to another or from a data center to the Cloud means that data protection needs to accompany that shift, especially with data breaches on the rise and increasingly strict data privacy regulations.


Protecting the Digital Migration

With its expertise and experience in the technologies of the Digital Transformation, Thales delivers  flexible security solutions that secure critical data with the highest levels of assurance  – wherever it resides, on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

“Thales gives users the ability to set specific policies about how the data is accessed. One of the biggest threats organisation face is insiders leveraging their credentials to access sensitive data,” says Peter Galvin, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Thales.

“By providing fine grained access control, Thales helps prevent insider threats by limiting what a “super user” is able to access.”

Thales’s offer includes advanced encryption and key management services for organisations to protect their data as they move to the cloud.  The solutions include, “Bring Your Own Encryption”  (BYOE), “Bring Your Own Key” (BYOK) and Cloud key management, to  secure IaaS, PaaS, and Saas environments.

To protect highly sensitive information, Thales provides “hardware security modules” (HSM) to protect encryption keys.  One of the biggest dangers for organisations leveraging encryption to secure data is the protection of encryption keys.  If bad actors get access to the keys, then they have access to the data.  

With these tools, organisations can protect their information and avoid a thunderstorm of  unprotected data raining down from their clouds.