Defence Forces, Public Safety Agencies and Critical Infrastructure Providers are today eager to embrace new broadband technology to achieve their vital mission more efficiently, more effectively and more safely. Mission-critical broadband will give users access to real-time voice, data and video services on mobile devices with the unparalleled security and resilience that are vital to their unique environment. It will give users the 21st century technology they need to confront 21st century threats

While the benefits of evolving to mission-critical broadband are apparent, one solution does not necessarily fit all. That’s why at Thales we bring you LTE by Thales: a global solution that delivers secure mission-critical Push-To-Talk (PTT) and broadband services over any combination of access networks: private regional to national 4G/LTE networks, Secure-Mobile Virtual Network Operator (S-MVNO) leveraging commercial 4G/LTE networks, and system-in-a-box for rapid and ad-hoc deployments.

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With LTE by Thales, we are ideally placed to help you find the right solution for your needs and your budget, leveraging our unique global expertise and unrivalled experience:

  • Delivering pre-integrated and modular end-to-end 4G/LTE services with NEXIUM Wireless
  • As your trusted operator providing critical services over S-MVNO with EIJI
  • Delivering compact and rugged systems with tactical features for harsh environments with 4G-Line

LTE by Thales is today’s answer to real-time multimedia group communications and information sharing between users in the field and in control rooms. It guarantees smooth migration to broadband by interworking with legacy systems. It gives you access to broadband whenever and wherever it’s needed and ensures your communications are always available and secure.

LTE by Thales: simple solutions for complex situations