You can spot a first responder by their radio. But professionals in critical situations today need voice, data and video services that are secure and always available. LTE by Thales brings them the benefits of 4G and secure collaborative multimedia applications whenever and wherever they're needed.

Police officers, firefighters and paramedics in the line of duty respond to critical situations every day. The ability to communicate at any time with colleagues, senior staff and control centres is vitally important for them and the citizens they serve and protect. They rely on their radios. Indeed their radios have become such an integral part of their equipment that people have come to recognise first responders by their radio sets. Using a dedicated mobile network, they can simply press a button to talk to anyone else on the same radio channel — and that's what has made them so successful.

From push-to-talk radio to 4G smartphone

But technologies and operational demands have changed. To send pictures, videos or documents, or simply make a confidential call, many professionals now use their own personal smartphones. This is not an ideal solution, however, not just for security reasons but because of the need for guaranteed availability of communications services in crisis situations or during major events. It’s time for professionals on critical missions to switch to modern multimedia communication tools that are secure and always available and that still provide the same functionalities of their good old radio sets.

To support this transition, Thales has developed LTE by Thales, a complete set of products and solutions based on 4G technology for first responders and security professionals.

LTE by Thales transforms 4G into mission-critical 4G. It's the 4G solution that's secure and available anywhere and everywhere, especially when it's needed most.

To ensure the availability and security of collaborative broadband applications come what may, on both routine operations and in crisis situations, Thales has taken charge of all the links in the chain, managing complexity to offer services that are easy to operate and ready to use today:
Nexium Wireless
Nexium Wireless provides users with a highly secure, very high-data-rate private 4G network that is quick to deploy in the field. The system supports all the collaborative multimedia applications that emergency services professionals need to respond and act efficiently and in complete security.
Nexium Wireless brochure   
Eiji provides a resilient mobile communications capability that's available anywhere in the field and combines the coverage of three mobile operators' networks.
Patrol vehicles equipped with an Eijibox connect to the mobile network that offers the best signal at any given moment. If mobile services are unavailable because of gaps in coverage or network saturation, the Eijibox uses its satcom link to make sure the vehicle remains permanently connected.

LTE by Thales: 4G for critical missions

LTE by Thales is set to revolutionise the way professionals communicate on critical missions. With a broadband 4G connectivity solution that's dependable and secure, anywhere and at any time — and services that are easy to set up and easy to use— security professionals have access to all the real-time voice, data and video functionality they need to keep us safe, maintain order and save lives.