The Gecko camera, a solution designed for territory surveillance

Field surveillance requires means tailored for each situation, each field pattern. This is why the Spanish Government has made the acquisition of 12 Gecko cameras, developed in Spain, and set up either on 4x4 vehicles or on fixed stations. They are used for local field surveillance, on border areas or critical sites.

A valuable addition to any field surveillance system

Whether in border or local area control, some circumstances require special means to be deployed as gap-fillers in the general system.

This is what the Gecko Camera developed by Thales and bought by Spain are for: mounted on extensible masts set up on 4x4 vehicles, they can be transported quickly to precise sites identified through human intelligence or radar, to specify the nature of a threat, or even to intercept a drone or cut its communications.

Spain uses Gecko cameras for civilian and military purposes, for local surveillance, over limited areas, whether for sea and land border monitoring or the surveillance of specific sites. Easily integrated into existing systems, it enhances it by filling its security gaps.


The Gecko camera combines:

  • Several types of sensors: daylight camera, infrared camera, laser range finder;
  • Optimal and multidirectional mobility: the camera can be operational up on a 6-meter mast on a vehicle circulating at up to 40kmh.
  • Automatic tracking of objects present in the image through software processing
  • Remote control of the camera through software.

The camera is coupled with a radar, itself intelligent and able to specify the category of detected objects. It can also be integrated within a full detection and neutralization system targeting intruder drones, including a communication jammer.
Mobile and integrable, the Gecko camera provides Spanish authorities with an inexpensive response to the search for determined threats, in a context of field surveillance, on specific sites on the border or elsewhere.