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How can artificial intelligence improve cybersecurity?

The bad guys are gaining ground! At least that's the perception of many IT security directors and professionals in the field working to protect their organisations from cyberthreats.

Constantly on the alert yet never sure that their cybersecurity measures will be 100% effective, they can feel overwhelmed. Threat detection and response processes are perceived as too slow, and cyberthreats are moving targets. They can take on any number of forms and are often highly automated.

But today, artificial intelligence can automate certain processes to help you stay a step ahead of the hackers and let your cybersecurity talent — a scarce resource — focus on more value-added tasks.

Laurent Maury, VP Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity, explains how artificial intelligence can play a key role in four major phases of a cybersecurity programme.

To learn more, download our white paper: Artificial intelligence enhancing cybersecurity