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Thales, The First Group to Join The Campus Cyber in Paris, La Défense, And Lend Its Expertise to the Service of This New Ecosystem

  • On April 14, 2022, Patrice Caine, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Thales, and Marc Darmon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Strategic Sector Committee (SSC) Security Industries, welcomed the arrival of the Group’s teams to the Cyber Campus, in the presence of Michel Van den Berghe, President of the Cyber Campus.
  • Located in Paris-La Defense and showcase of the know-how in cybersecurity, the Cyber Campus was inaugurated on February 15 with the aim of bringing together talents in the field of cybersecurity and creating synergies in the cyber ecosystem between actors from the public and private structures.
  • The arrival of Thales, the first group to join the Campus, illustrates the commitment of this world leader in high technology and deep tech to a wider sharing of cyber knowledge and to a more effective management of digital risk.

April 2022 saw the arrival of about sixty Thales employees, engineers, consultants, and cybersecurity project managers on the Cyber Campus. To mark the occasion, Patrice Caine underlined its role as a catalyst for international cyber excellence in a context of globalization and a sharp rise in threats.

The Thales teams will soon be joined by teams coming from public and private structures specializing in this field. Thales provides Cyber Campus members with its collaborative platform in the cloud, the first approved “Restricted Diffusion”, Cybels Hub, including Cryptobox (document management and sharing) and Citadel Team (screen sharing).

This project, which is a State initiative, is aligned with the structuring programs of a French Security Industries Committee dedicated to cybersecurity and IoT security, which works to instill confidence in the digital sector. This sector is driven by a strong dynamic of innovation and mobilizes skills in artificial intelligence and cryptography as well as talents from various sectors such as IT, telecoms, or defense.

This project is being implemented at a time when we are witnessing an upsurge in cyberattacks around the world, on account of the acceleration in digitalization of societies during the health crisis. Administrations, companies of all sizes and operators of vital importance are facing an explosion in the number of attacks, which quadrupled between 2019 and 2020. Among some of the recurring methods used are Ransomware and cyber espionage. The professionalization of cybercriminals combined with their imperative of profitability must now act as a wake-up call and mobilize security players to contribute to the improved training of future talents and the establishment of a robust ecosystem to fight these threats.

"Thales was one of the first companies to believe in and support this Campus Cyber project. We are very proud to welcome and host one of the European leaders in cyber." Michel Van Den Berghe, President of the Campus Cyber.

“Thales reaffirms its commitment to an international cybersecurity center of excellence that can pool the know-how of its experts and more successfully counter the proliferation of threats. By becoming a part of this initiative, the Group’s teams will help contribute to projects that raise awareness and provide training on the challenges faced by cybersecurity, which our society so desperately needs today.” Patrice Caine, Chairman and CEO of Thales.

With more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, Thales is a major supplier of services and systems that help consolidate the sovereignty of its clients.

The Group oversees the cybersecurity of the critical information systems of more than 130 major clients, in particular through its six cybersecurity operational centers (COC) located around the world (Canada, France, Hong Kong, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Morocco), which guarantee that attacks are detected, analyzed and responded to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Group is currently recruiting more than 1,000 talents in the field of cybersecurity to better arm itself and prepare for the hybrid conflicts of tomorrow.

Find out more about Thales cyber centers

With the Cybersecurity Academy in the Sultanate of Oman, a cybersecurity center in Dubai, a Cyberlab in Belgium specializing in R&D and cyber training, the Research and Development Center in Wales, and the provision of its clients with simulation and training platforms, Cyber Range, Thales is a key partner in the development of the cyber capabilities and skills of nation states.


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