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Thales unveils Cybels Analytics, its new platform to detect the most complex cyberattacks

  • Thales's new Cybels Analytics platform combines several approaches to attack detection and forensics in a single tool for real-time detection and hunting of the most complex cyberattacks, including previously unknown threats.
  • Cybels Analytics detects advanced persistent threats considerably faster, reducing detection time from an average of three months to just a few days. The solution also provides a sharper, more exhaustive ton-targeted attack detection, increasing the number of compromise detection by a factor of three.

At the 2020 edition of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), Thales is unveiling Cybels Analytics, an innovative cybersecurity platform relying on advanced ​ analytics technologies. The platform provides faster, sharper, more exhaustive detection of the most complex attacks in real time or proactively in differed time (hunting). It meets the needs of the most demanding customers, operating as a single, simple platform that even ​ allows individual users to adapt to the specific operational context of each sector.

The cyberattack techniques that have emerged in recent years are increasingly complex and hard to detect. Despite growing awareness of organisations, and frequent deployments of detection systems designed around well-known attack patterns, cybersecurity analysts also need to detect previously unknown threats, detect attacks more quickly and save time in conducting investigation analysis once a system has been compromised.

Thales has developed Cybels Analytics, a comprehensive and advanced attack detection solution, to meet these needs. The innovative platform combines real-time threat detection based on analysis of existing threats (Cyber Threat Intelligence) and proactive search for advanced and unprecedented cyberattacks ("cold" investigation or Hunting). These capabilities significantly reduce the time taken to detect advanced persistent threats from three months in average to just a few days, according to test results.


Cybels Analytics can be integrated with an on-premise Security Operations Centre (SOC) or provided as a service in the cloud, enabling all the user's detection systems (EDR, NIDS, etc.) to work together and complement one another. The platform is an important addition to Thales's cybersecurity offering, rounding out the range of managed services provided through its SOC network and supporting the Cybels Sensor trusted probe, which is accredited by France's National Agency for Information System Security (ANSSI). Cybels Analytics is also connected to the Thales Cyber Threat Intelligence service. By cross-referencing information about existing cyberthreats with an organisation's system logs, Cybels Analytics ensures more acute, more exhaustive detection of untargeted attacks, revealing three times more indicators of compromise detection than conventional attack detection products.

With the entire threat detection ecosystem integrated on the same platform, Cybels Analytics improves the customer's detection capabilities while simplifying the process for users. In addition, to tailor the platform to the specific environment of each sector of activity, powerful data visualisation modules enable users to run their own searches easily, identify any anomalies at a glance and save precious time at the investigation analysis stage. While it often takes weeks to build a complete picture of an organisation's information system using standard investigation products, Cybels Analytics shortens this process to just a few hours.

Thales's Cybels Analytics platform is a powerful log analytics solution that allows enterprise and government customers to detect more anomalies faster and better, and continuously improving the operational efficiency of their efforts to detect new threats and tailor their cyber defences to their specific operating environments.

“We developed Cybels Analytics to help cybersecurity analysts overcome the challenges they face on a daily basis: growing data volumes [SBA], long detection times and investigation procedures, and the difficult task of qualifying previously unknown situations. Cybels Analytics is a trusted solution that delivers more efficient results, more simply and in a significantly shorter timeframe so that users can focus on value-added tasks in an area where talent is scarce and needs are constantly rising."

- Laurent Maury, Vice President, Cybersecurity and Critical Information Systems, Thales



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